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Window Walls & Curtain Walls for Homes & Businesses of Vancouver Island

Both window and curtain walls fill your living or work space with an abundance of natural light, providing significant benefits for health, productivity and the enjoyment of your space. Looking to revitalize your living space? Central Glass can provide an attractive window wall for you to enjoy the view all year round. For commercial projects throughout Vancouver Island, call us to create customized curtain walls to meet the needs of your business. Central Glass offers design, fabrication at our Duncan facility and installation services for all residential and commercial projects.

Aluminum Framed Systems

These are the same curtain wall systems we use in our commercial projects large and small. They are equally effective in residential applications to achieve the same high resistance to air and water infiltration, featuring high structural strength and durability while remaining low maintenance.

Glazing over Wood

Our Skywall R100 system is used to build an aluminum and glass "skin" over the outside of structural wood posts and beams, or large window frames. Using this system, we can achieve all the benefits of a rain screen design: low air infiltration, no water penetration, extreme durability and low maintenance.

Our knowledge, experience and attention to detail will ensure this critical element of the building envelope is done successfully.

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