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Glass Canopies for Decks, Doorways & More, Manufactured in the Cowichan Valley

Are you considering a canopy for your entryway, deck or patio? The answers to our most frequently asked questions on this page will give you an idea of the options available through Central Glass. Call us today for more information, or visit our showroom in Duncan!

Are there any limitations to the size of a canopy?

In theory there are no limits but good design and engineering is very important. Snow and wind loads are always important factors that are more critical than just the weight of the structure itself. Good design and fabrication of the rafters, beams, trusses and glazing to handle the loads is essential for all projects, large or small.

Where are canopies mainly used?

Covering outside spaces like decks or patios with a transparent glass canopy extends the season and protects your furniture etc. from the elements. The above canopy and vertical glass wind breaks around the outside can dramatically improve comfort.

A glass canopy over a door is a common application intended to cover and protect the entryway without darkening it as a solid roof would.

Are the canopies glass, or can plastic be used?

The majority of the work we do is with glass; however, acrylics can and are also used.

Does Central Glass do the design and installation?

Yes we do. We can also provide the critical components for an owner/builder to install over his sub-structure. Our design input here is to provide information to help you get professional results.

Can I install the canopy myself?

Yes, you can. It is most common for our crew to install the system if it is structurally designed by us. It is also common for an owner/builder to construct a wood substructure and have us provide the necessary components and installation instructions to glaze over the wood. We call that the Skywall R100 system.

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