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The Most Durable Glazed Structures on Vancouver Island

You expect an addition to your home to be built to last, and so do we. Central Glass engineers your window systems to be trouble-free for many years: no water leaks, no air drafts, no structural failure and the longest insulating glass seal life possible. Call us to learn more.

Skywall solarium systems are designed with uncompromising attention to the engineering principle necessary to construct the most durable glazed structures available.

You can depend on the following glazing principles, features and benefits.

Rain Screen Design

  • Any water that is able to penetrate the exterior envelope will be channeled back to the exterior through concealed drainage channels.

  • Careful fabrication ensures all connections of glass to framing and framing to framing are sealed.

  • The drainage system is pressure equalized so no back pressure can occur that could prevent water from draining freely.


Water Seal

Rubber gaskets seal all the inside surfaces of the glass to prevent water penetration, forming an effective water barrier. If any leakage does occur over time, the internal drainage channels and internal gaskets ensure that water will be carried back to the outside and leakage to the interior is virtually impossible.

Water Seal

Air Seal

  • Rubber gaskets seal all inside surfaces of the glass.

  • This gasket system prevents air infiltration from the outside even when high wind pressure is working to force air to the inside.

  • The gaskets also prevent the warm interior air from being exhausted to the outside.

Quality Glazing Principles

  • Glass surfaces are supported and sealed on all sides with wide gaskets that are designed to prevent the possibility of stress cracks in the glass due to uneven support.

  • All edges of the insulating glass are protected from harmful moisture and ultraviolet light that can cause premature glass seal failure.

  • Bottom edges of glass are evenly blocked on rubber setting blocks that will not allow shear stresses to occur.

Air Seal
Quality Glazing Principles

Structural Strength and Safety

  • Rafters and wall components are designed to carry snow and wind loads and to meet local building code requirements.

  • Overhead insulating glass is tempered safety glass on the outside and laminated safety glass on the inside. This combination provides the maximum security against breakage, and protection from falling glass in the event breakage does occur.

  • Wall glass that extends to the floor is tempered safety glass.

Structural Strength and Safety

Low Maintenance

  • Exposed surfaces inside and outside are coated with a durable-baked enamel finish.

  • All fasteners are stainless steel to ensure lifelong durability without corrosion.

  • All exterior screws are concealed under snap on aluminum "beauty caps”. There are no plastic covers to crack or shrink.

  • There are no exposed grooves or channels that are difficult to clean.

  • There are no impossible to clean "dead" pockets between glass and framing.

  • The Super Sealed insulating glass is double-sealed for seal durability and the longest seal life available today.

High Energy Efficiency

  • Heat transfer through the structure is minimized and resistance to condensation is maximized by the design of the framing, gaskets and insulating glass.

  • The structural framing is on the interior and is not in contact with the exterior temperature.

  • The Super Sealed insulating glass employs the best in warm edge technology to minimize heat transfer through the edge of glass.

  • Continuous rubber gaskets form air tight seals that eliminate drafts and air exchanges.

Low Maintenance
High Energy Efficiency
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