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Stunning Glass Canopies for Decks, Doorways & Patios on Vancouver Island

Cover a deck or patio with glass roofing to create an outdoor living room great for relaxing, entertaining, and making the most of your square footage. Adding vertical glass wind breaks can also improve comfort by reducing draft. Call Central Glass in Duncan to learn how a glass roof or canopy can dramatically extend the use of that space for at least three seasons of enjoyment.

Protect Entry Doors from the Elements

Attractive glass roofing over entryways keeps them bright while still protecting you and your guests from the elements.

Trust Central Glass to Build Your Canopy from Start to Finish

We design, fabricate and install fully structural aluminum framed glass covers to meet your needs. We also work with carpenters and builders that erect the wood substructure and we provide the design and installation of the glazing system over top.

The Skywall R100 System from Central Glass

Designed to be installed over a wood substructure, the components of your Skywall system can be purchased cut to size, or in stock lengths for you or the contractor of your choice to fabricate and install using our design and installation guide.

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