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Specialized Skylight Design and Installation on Vancouver Island

Experience the energizing quality of a room flooded with natural light. Our Skywall skylight systems bring the flexibility in design and manufacturing needed to build feature skylights of all shapes and sizes for both residential and commercial applications in Duncan and surrounding areas. Our technicians can advise you of your many options. Call Central Glass today!

Glazing Over a Wood Substructure

If you prefer the look of wood rafters on the interior of your sunroom, solarium or conservatory, The Skywall R100 is the right system for you. The Skywall rafters in this case are not structural, but they do provide all the gaskets, drainage channels and glass support needed for the lifelong, problem-free durability of your skylight system.

Fully Structural Skylights

Structural skylights require the skylight rafters and connections to hold all design loads for snow and wind. Our Skywall skylight systems are individually designed to meet those conditions.

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